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Available Downloads

2018 Financial Report.

We have also published new versions (2019) of several downloadable files:

  • Application for individual student support (budget), includes User Manual:
  • Adaptive bookkeeping tool for (Mom at School) schools:
  • and the User Manual:

Tertiary Education Opportunities

As I’m neither an educator nor particular familiar with scholarships, I cannot give you much of advice, but I recently came upon this WEB-site, where you can start: http://www.scholarshipportal.com/.

As your personal circumstances may not make a traditional full-time study possible or even feasible, there are several alternative options to pursue.

I would recommend you to take a careful look at distant learning or some form of hybrid / blended learning opportunities. You only have to invest in a reasonable data communication package, a laptop or tablet computer, time and of course your very own stamina.

You can find these online courses with keywords like:

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Open University
  • Online learning, distant learning or e-learning,

in a Google search.

Here are some web-sites with appropriate offers, even from Ivy League Universities:

Many of these platforms offer tuition free studies, or demand only a small fee, if a certificate is desired (mostly less than US $ 50). Mom at School may even consider to provide for such a fee for eligible cases.

For an explanation of “blended” learning, please visit: (https://www.distancelearningportal.com/articles/641/blended-learning-the-best-of-online-and-on-campus-university-education.html).

For the Apple users there is the excellent: “iTunes U”platform.

Additionally, I would like to recommend you to visit the Khan Academy WEB-site (https://khanacademy.org) to check the level of your skills and knowledge of your secondary education, or even sit for an international (US) SAT examination (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register/find-test-centers), which offers a pathway to almost every university in the world.

Online learning might not (yet) been fully recognized in Bhutan, and there were some recent issues, but that might be only a question of time. Internationally it’s progressing strongly and already fully accepted in many countries, including in the developed (Western) world. Most important, however: “Nobody can take away your knowledge, no matter how or where acquired.”

I wish you all good luck with your perseverance to advance your knowledge.


More gifts.

Mom at School is happy to announce that it raised the amount of Nu 45,530 from 6 sponsors this August. Total donations for this year thus far stand at Nu 207,881 from 18 donors.

We thank all our benefactors for their kindness in supporting our underprivileged pupils: may God bless you.

As beloved Anna Frank once wrote: 

      “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Sewing machine for Dungkar Primary School

Young children romp and sometimes fight, the result: bruises and ripped clothes. That’s why Mr. Tenzin Wangdi, principal of Dungkar Primary School, inquired if Mom at School could make a sewing machine available for the school, which would be very useful in repairing thorn clothing and so save on cost.

Mom at School’s loyal Dutch contributor Paul Buysrogge took the initiative to acquire one locally and send it, together with a wide assortment of accessories, to the Lhuense based school. The school can expect delivery in 10 to 20 days.

Mom at School hopes the school will make good use of the gift for the well-being of their pupils.

Young Brains, in Want of Means.

P.S.: Mom at School this month also received a total of Nu 18 K of donations from 4 generous sponsors. We are very grateful for their noble gifts and will make it work to bring relief to our poorest. We thank you for your altruism.

Mom at School would be deeply grateful for your donations at:

Mom at School’s affiliated schools

Mom at School is, through-out Bhutan, now established at 11 affiliated schools, where it this year thus far spent or committed, the amount of Nu 250 K on 46 needy students:

Mom at School‘s affiliated schools        Dzongkhag         # Pupils

  1. Chongzhu PS                                         Samtse                      1
  2. Chungkha PS                                         Chukha                     4
  3. Dungkar PS                                            Lhuentse                  3
  4. Gongpasingmal LSS                             Pema Gatshel          1
  5. Phuntsholing LSS                                 Chukha                     10
  6. RUB, CST, Phuentsholing                     Chukha                     1
  7. SherubGatshel LSS                               Samtse                      1
  8. Sonamgang MSS                                   Chukha                     22
  9. Younten Kuenjung HSS                       Chukha                     1
  10. Ziloen Namyelling LSS                      Thimphu                  1
  11. Zilukha PS                                            Thimphu                  1


Mom at School would be deeply grateful for your donations at:

There is, after all, no greater reward than:
           the grateful smile on the face of a child,
just grasping someone cares about its future.

Aiding 10 needy kids

On Tuesday, April 24, Mom at School brought necessary items to 10 underprivileged  pupils at Phuntsholing Lower Secondary School.

The bill of Nu 21,105 was picked up by the loveley ms. Dechen Pelden Legatsang now in NYC. She is a strong pillar in support of our Mom at School program.  We are grateful for her never ending backing. https://www.facebook.com/MomatSociety/posts/923852441129905

The Bhutan Broadcasting System also made a short announcement of the event:


New Mom at School member

The teaching staff of Phuentsholing Lower Secondary School, has decided to join the Mom at School program.

The staff has identified 7 children out of 18 nominees as especcially needy, deserving the support of Mom at School.

Mom at School provided the affiliate school with Nu 50 K as start money to get going.

We wish them good luck in their effort to bring relief to their most needy pupils.

Short 2018 Activity Report

2018 (Year-to-Date):

  • 1 student at GongpaSingma LSS                                                 Nu   3,020
  • 3 students in Dungkar PS, Lhuntse                                            Nu   9,000
  • 1 student in Zilukha MSS, Thimphu                                           Nu   2,680
  • 1 student in Ziloen Namgyelling LSS                                         Nu   6,000

Individuals (financial support):

  • 1 girl at RUB – CST for second semester,                                    Nu 17,000
  • 1 boy in Class XII , tuition fees and necessary school items  Nu 40,700, Younten Kuenjung HSS
  • and a 2nd half year commitment to these 2 students of        Nu 31,000

Total 2018 (YTD) spent & committed                                              Nu 109,400

Results 2018 (YTD): Mom at School Results 2018 (YTD)

In March Nu 50 K was transferred to the affiliate Mom at School program at Phuntsholing LSS of which Nu 21,105 was spent for

  • 10 students with necessary school items                                    Nu 21,105

As the tab for this spending was taken care of by the lovely ms. Dechen Pelden Legatsang (NYC), PLSS still has Nu 50 K in cash available.

So far Mom at School has at YTD still free available (uncommitted) funds of Nu 67,506 at its main Mom at School accounts and an unknown amount at the affiliate Sonamgang MSS account.

Mom at School is essentially a vehicle to redistribute 100 % of the gifts of the local community’s donations, without any shortage of cost.

Newspaper interviews with Mom’s ms Wangmo

After the Press Release, date 31-1-2018, several newspapers published on Mom at School.

Read the full Newspaper articles here:

The News items comprise several errors:

  • Ms Wangmo was supported by 30 teacher colleagues of Sonamgang Middle Secondary School raising the initial funding of Nu 14.7 K in 2015  .
  • Ms Wangmo’s age is quoted at the young side, but we will, in mutual gallantry, forgive!

Press Release: Publishing Full Report 2015-2017


Phuntsholing, Wednesday, 31 January 2018.                                                                                                               


Today, just before the start of the new school year, the Pling based charity, Mom at School, is presenting its first reporting on its initial 3 years of existence. The report contains the operations report, the financial statements and Mom’s vision for the future expansion of its charitable work, which is providing underprivileged pupils with the very basics they need for their education.

Born out of an initiative, in April 2015, by ms. Wangmo, BEd, 31 teachers of the Sonamgang Middle Secondary School, have put in their own money to help the most deprived kids in their school. Since then the initiative has spread to other schools, even as far east as Dungkar in Lhuentse Dzongkhag, where Mom at School has provided “seed” money to get an initiative by the principal of the local Primary School off the ground. Other schools also voiced their interest in joining the program. Separately Mom at School, runs a program to sponsor individual students in higher education, who might otherwise drop out.

In an attempt to match local donations with the same amount of external funds, Mom at School is now expanding its base of mainly local benefactors and sponsors, even beyond the Bhutanese borders, by an international crowd funding effort under the banner “Young Brains in Want of Means”. Thus “locals” see their donations doubled by generous outsiders and extraneous contributors know that the local community is putting up an equal amount “of their own for their own”.

Regardless of this international endeavor, Mom at School will stay true to its original idea: carried by a dedicated teaching staff and grounded in the local community, as no kid choose to be born poor!

Later this week ms Wangmo will present her vision for the future of Mom at School to her former colleagues at the Sonamgang Middle Secondary School.

Mom at School is proud to redistribute 100% of its donations, without any shortening or hidden cost.




Further information:

Contact:        Wangmo@Mom-at-School.org

Phone:          +975 1797 7593

Facebook:     @MomatSociety

Mom at School 2015 -2017 Full Report