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Setting up Mom at School’s Web presence

Young Brains, in Want of Means.

This Web-site of Mom at School, a small-scale Bhutanese charity, is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but due to workload reasons it will still take a couple of weeks before you can enjoy it.

“There is no greater reward than:

The grateful smile on the face of a child,

just grasping someone cares about its future.”


For the time being, you can contact:

Mom at School’s initiator, the lovely ms. Wangmo, at:



Mom’s ‘kindly helper’ at:



You can also visit Mom at School on Facebook (@MomatSociety).

One Comment on “Setting up Mom at School’s Web presence

  1. Thank you, Paul L Buysrogge for your continuous support which made us to make our report available for publication.
    Thank you, each and everyone for supporting us. Without welwisher we wouldn’t be where we are now.
    We hope to receive same love and support hereafter too.

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