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Press Release: Publishing Full Report 2015-2017


Phuntsholing, Wednesday, 31 January 2018.                                                                                                               


Today, just before the start of the new school year, the Pling based charity, Mom at School, is presenting its first reporting on its initial 3 years of existence. The report contains the operations report, the financial statements and Mom’s vision for the future expansion of its charitable work, which is providing underprivileged pupils with the very basics they need for their education.

Born out of an initiative, in April 2015, by ms. Wangmo, BEd, 31 teachers of the Sonamgang Middle Secondary School, have put in their own money to help the most deprived kids in their school. Since then the initiative has spread to other schools, even as far east as Dungkar in Lhuentse Dzongkhag, where Mom at School has provided “seed” money to get an initiative by the principal of the local Primary School off the ground. Other schools also voiced their interest in joining the program. Separately Mom at School, runs a program to sponsor individual students in higher education, who might otherwise drop out.

In an attempt to match local donations with the same amount of external funds, Mom at School is now expanding its base of mainly local benefactors and sponsors, even beyond the Bhutanese borders, by an international crowd funding effort under the banner “Young Brains in Want of Means”. Thus “locals” see their donations doubled by generous outsiders and extraneous contributors know that the local community is putting up an equal amount “of their own for their own”.

Regardless of this international endeavor, Mom at School will stay true to its original idea: carried by a dedicated teaching staff and grounded in the local community, as no kid choose to be born poor!

Later this week ms Wangmo will present her vision for the future of Mom at School to her former colleagues at the Sonamgang Middle Secondary School.

Mom at School is proud to redistribute 100% of its donations, without any shortening or hidden cost.




Further information:

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Phone:          +975 1797 7593

Facebook:     @MomatSociety

Mom at School 2015 -2017 Full Report


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