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Student Budget

The word of Mom at School is spreading all over the country, which, as a result we receive support requests every day.

There are countless initiatives from principals, teachers and concerned community members to help their underprivileged kids in a real commitment to their proper education. It’s always heart-warming to see such a noble dedication.

Mom at School, however, is not a general charity to battle poverty, but focussed on supporting pupils to continue their education and/or preventing them from dropping out of school due to their parent’s poverty. There are other institutions which might have a broader reach, but Mom at School is solely engaged in education as an extension of its teacher members. This is not meant to prohibit any charitable initiative of a broader focus: you are free to do as you please and we sure encourage all charities bringing relief to the needy.

At this moment, the Mom’s main strategy is, that the program should be as close as possible to these needy kids, carried by teachers, the local community and, not forgetting, these kids extended family members. This meaning: Mom at School wants to see a real effort of this circle of ‘stakeholders’, where Mom at School general funding will match their cash donations and/or ‘in kind’ gifts with an equal amount of funds. In this way it’s a win-win for everybody:’

  • “locals” see their donations doubled by an outside source, and
  • Mom at School’s extraneous contributors know that the local community is committing an equal amount “of their own for their own”.

Please be aware, that Mom at School’s ability to help is limited by the amount of funds raised, which is a continuing effort. We regret our limited potential, just as you might, and we call on everybody to donate. As the amazing Anne Frank once said: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

To donate go: GoFundMe and be assured of our eternal gratitude.

To establish the needs and eligibility of underprivileged kids Mom at School has created a budget template to help applicants make their support request in a structured way, while helping Mom at School taking rational decisions. The Excel template file, including instructions, can be downloaded from: Student Budget


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