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Short 2018 Activity Report

2018 (Year-to-Date):

  • 1 student at GongpaSingma LSS                                                 Nu   3,020
  • 3 students in Dungkar PS, Lhuntse                                            Nu   9,000
  • 1 student in Zilukha MSS, Thimphu                                           Nu   2,680
  • 1 student in Ziloen Namgyelling LSS                                         Nu   6,000

Individuals (financial support):

  • 1 girl at RUB – CST for second semester,                                    Nu 17,000
  • 1 boy in Class XII , tuition fees and necessary school items  Nu 40,700, Younten Kuenjung HSS
  • and a 2nd half year commitment to these 2 students of        Nu 31,000

Total 2018 (YTD) spent & committed                                              Nu 109,400

Results 2018 (YTD): Mom at School Results 2018 (YTD)

In March Nu 50 K was transferred to the affiliate Mom at School program at Phuntsholing LSS of which Nu 21,105 was spent for

  • 10 students with necessary school items                                    Nu 21,105

As the tab for this spending was taken care of by the lovely ms. Dechen Pelden Legatsang (NYC), PLSS still has Nu 50 K in cash available.

So far Mom at School has at YTD still free available (uncommitted) funds of Nu 67,506 at its main Mom at School accounts and an unknown amount at the affiliate Sonamgang MSS account.

Mom at School is essentially a vehicle to redistribute 100 % of the gifts of the local community’s donations, without any shortage of cost.

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