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What Mom at School is doing.

In this, still running, 1st quarter Mom at School collected donations from 7 generous backers totaling to Nu 105 K. (some of it in-kind). Mom at School wants to thank these sponsors for their greathearted help in delivering relieve for our most deprived students.

Total spending amounted to Nu 178 K:

  • Tuition, housing & boarding for a last semester aspiring nurse at the Reldri Academy     Nu 60 K
  • Laptop computer, camera & accessories, for a 2nd semester Media/Dzongkha student at the RUB Sherubse College         Nu 45 K (of which Nu 24 K will be reimbursed by her uncle in monthly installments to the Mom at School program at the local primary school
  • 5 Hairdressing sets for 3 schools     Nu 11K
  • Clothing, stationary & miscellaneous for a Class V girl in Changzamtok School, Thimphu Nu 12 K
  • Clothing, pocket money & miscellaneous for a 2nd yr. student at RUB CST Nu 14.5 K
  • Clothing, pocket money & miscellaneous for a Grade XII boy at Tenzin HSS Nu 8.5 K
  • Basics for a boy and a girl at Scherubgatshel LSS    Nu 6.5 K
  • Basics for a girl at Gongpassingma LSS       Nu 3 K
  • Miscellaneous for a Grade XI girl at Rinchen HSS    Nu 5 K
  • 30 Umbrellas for the Dungkar Pry. school PM
  • Miscellaneous         Nu 12.5 K

Mom at School is currently low on funds. If you you are heartfelt for your underprivileged young compatriots, please support us, so we together can bring relieve to those who most need it.

Donations are welcome at: BoB account # 200906754.

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