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May 2021: an interim update on operations for this year (YTD):

With the help of our irreplaceable and strongly committed Ms. @Kuenga Lhaden, we were able to spent almost Nu 227 K (YTD) on Bhutan’s needy students by directly purchasing necessary items, with the emphasize on begin of the school year necessities, like clothing, footwear, stationary and utensils.

Because of the continuous and recurring school closures, we made, and will continue to do so, a considerable investment in tablet computers (Android, 10.1” devices), away from smartphones and laptop computers, as we think these tablets are better suited for educational purposes.

Also we provided two schools (YinGom Pry, Trashi Gang & Khenadang ECR, Pemagatshel) with a projector/beamer and screens to broaden these young children’s horizon and make their education more fascinating; both schools lacked any electronic equipment other than their teachers’.

In addition, we put, as of now, 10 students on a monthly allowance for pocket money and mobile data packages: it seems to be a good way to increase these kids’ self-confidence and stimulate their own responsibility.

Mr. @Laxuman Bista and his team of @Gomtu HSS managed to spend the Nu 17K leftover from last year on stationary, utensils and calculators for 10 of the school’s needy students.

We, as Mom at School, are strongly committed to bring relief to those Young Ones who need it and to facilitate their education, which would otherwise be in jeopardy.


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