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Phone use by Students

Phone use by students.

Mom at School has provided several students with phones, tablets, laptops and even monthly data recharges.

Now we got feedback that many students in (central) schools and hostels are denied the use of their phones by their teachers or caregivers; even for the higher grades.

The last couple of months Mom at School provided monthly data packages for 52 P/ling students shut out of school, due to the lock down. Now that these kids are going to be relocated, it was, what was until now, gratefully accepted, but now turned down as undesirable; the world upside down!

Even a school with an ill-equipped ICT lab and ditto underperforming ICT education, is prohibiting one of our protégés using her own fully equipped Windows10 laptop and internet connection, which she would be more than willing to share with her peers!

I completely fail to understand the preoccupation and reasoning of these (central) schools and hostels to deny their pupils the use of their own phones, tablets or laptops, even outside school hrs. In essence, they prohibit these kids to learn what is outside their immediate surroundings, out there in the wide world.

To me this seems a reprehensible abuse of power and these people should be held accountable, if not liable.

Nobody has ever given me even the slightest justification for this misbehavior or it must be that allowing these kids to get smart outside their closed educational environment, might lead to questions their caregivers shamefully cannot answer.

If Bhutan wants to join the developed world anytime soon, which I believe is worth pursuing, it would be well advised to remediate this wrong soonest!

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