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Phone use by Students

Phone use by students. Mom at School has provided several students with phones, tablets, laptops and even monthly data recharges. Now we got feedback that many students in (central) schools and hostels are denied the use of their… Read More

May 2021: an interim update on operations for this year (YTD):

With the help of our irreplaceable and strongly committed Ms. @Kuenga Lhaden, we were able to spent almost Nu 227 K (YTD) on Bhutan’s needy students by directly purchasing necessary items, with the emphasize on begin of the… Read More

Available Downloads

Annual Reports: 2K20 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report We have also published new versions (2019) of several downloadable files: Application for individual student support (budget), includes User Manual: Adaptive bookkeeping tool for (Mom at School) schools: and the… Read More

Tertiary Education Opportunities

As I’m neither an educator nor particular familiar with scholarships, I cannot give you much of advice, but I recently came upon this WEB-site, where you can start: http://www.scholarshipportal.com/. As your personal circumstances may not make a traditional… Read More

Sewing machine for Dungkar Primary School

Young children romp and sometimes fight, the result: bruises and ripped clothes. That’s why Mr. Tenzin Wangdi, principal of Dungkar Primary School, inquired if Mom at School could make a sewing machine available for the school, which would… Read More

Mom at School’s affiliated schools

Mom at School is, through-out Bhutan, now established at 11 affiliated schools, where it this year thus far spent or committed, the amount of Nu 250 K on 46 needy students: Mom at School‘s affiliated schools        Dzongkhag         # Pupils… Read More

Aiding 10 needy kids

On Tuesday, April 24, Mom at School brought necessary items to 10 underprivileged  pupils at Phuntsholing Lower Secondary School. The bill of Nu 21,105 was picked up by the loveley ms. Dechen Pelden Legatsang now in NYC. She… Read More

New Mom at School member

The teaching staff of Phuentsholing Lower Secondary School, has decided to join the Mom at School program. The staff has identified 7 children out of 18 nominees as especcially needy, deserving the support of Mom at School. Mom… Read More

Newspaper interviews with Mom’s ms Wangmo

After the Press Release, date 31-1-2018, several newspapers published on Mom at School. Read the full Newspaper articles here: business bhutan, 3rd of Feb. 2018: BusinessBhutan-3-2-2018 BHUTAN TIMES, 4th of Feb. 2018: BT-4-2-2018-Short business bhutan, 7th of Feb. 2018:  www.BusinessButhan.bt… Read More

Press Release: Publishing Full Report 2015-2017

  Phuntsholing, Wednesday, 31 January 2018.                                                                 … Read More